EFA at the GESGB/HGS Africa Conference 2023

The Exploration Fabric of Africa project (see https://efafrica.com and https://www.lynxinfo.co.uk/efa-efsa.html) will be exhibiting at the GESGB/HGS Africa Conference 2023, at the Kia Oval, London, on 20-21 September 2023.

The EFA was initiated in 2010 as a memorial to the life and work of Dr. Ed Purdy, an acclaimed geologist who built a reputation as a carbonates specialist during a long career both with Exxon and as an independent consultant. The objectives of the EFA were to update a set of pioneering maps on Africa that Dr. Purdy authored and published in 1989. These were masterpieces of hand-crafted work, combining geology, tectonics, basin outlines, hydrocarbon discoveries and extensive use of annotation and color coding to highlight the known working plays across the continent. The EFA project entailed the digitization and enhancement of these maps as a multiplatform GIS, and was carried out on a pro-bono basis by a group of former friends and colleagues of Dr. Purdy, led by Peter Wigley.

The EFA project is now a multi-platform web-based GIS, and the team will be happy to demonstrate and discuss how it has evolved, plans for the future, and donations to Africa-based charities and academic institutions from the proceeds of the project.

Exploration Fabric of Africa web GIS

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