Ukraine Oil and Gas Licences Auction September 24th 2024

The original announcement is in Ukrainian at-

Translated into English, the web page reveals the following information for the blocks on offer

The State Geology and Subsoil Service of Ukraine has announced its ninth auction in 2024, for which it offered 11 subsoil plots with deposits of oil, condensate, natural gas, gas from coal deposits, gas from shale formations, free gas and gas dissolved in oil. The total initial cost of all the lots is 739,387,627 hryvnias. Auctions will be held on the Prozorro platform. Real-time sales

“Investment attraction is an unchanging priority in the work of the State Geodesy. We are constantly working on the preparation of new lots for e-auctions. Tenders for the sale of 11 hydrocarbon subsurface plots were announced today. Ten of them are located in the Western oil and gas-bearing region, one in the Eastern region, said the Head of the State Geodesy Roman Opimakh. – Business is ready to invest in subsoil development, and holding electronic auctions is an effective tool that ensures a transparent procedure for granting special permits for use, creates conditions for determining the market price of the lot. The geological industry is the basis of sustainable and effective development of the national economy. Therefore, it is now very important to continue to work full time, even in these difficult times for the country, in order to save jobs and pay taxes.”

10 of the blocks are in the Western (Carpathian) region and 1 block in the Dnepr-Donetsk Eastern region.

Location of blocks up for auction in the Carpathian region

Locaion of the West Mazharivska block in Poltava oblast of the Dnepr-Donetsk region

The links to the Prozorro website for the blocks offered in the auction are as follows:
1. South Girska block –

2. Mezhyrechye-East area (to the depth of the limestone top (V0) of the Oleskivsky suite (C1ol)) –

3. Dobrobrativska block, including the Staniv field –

4. South Monastyretske field –

5. North Glybivska block –

6. North-Vivnyanska block –

7. West-Mazharivska block, including Gulakivska block –

8. Tarashanska block –

9. Lyubinetska block (from a depth of 4,000 m), excluding the intersection with Dovgolutska (in the absolute depth range 4,700 to 5,800 m) –

10. Krynytska block (excluding the section of the intersection with the Bilche-Volitska-Uhersky gas storage field (horizon XVI, in the depth range of 800-1130 m)) –

11. Kitvan block –

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