UKOGL LIVE – Launched

Lynx are pleased to announce the launch of the UK Onshore Geophysical Library‘s new web mapping application – UKOGL LIVE.



Using UKOGL LIVE, users have free access to a plethora of onshore UK oil industry data, including:

  • Licence block information, 3D survey locations and onshore field locations.
  • Navigation data for all of the archived UK onshore seismic data- using UKOGL LIVE, users can browse the information via a graphical map front-end, or search and view specific 2D lines using the built in search tools.
  • Seismic images – For the majority of 2D seismic lines, there are high resolution free-to-view Colour and Greyscale images of the SEG-Y data.
  • Well locations – users can view well locations and access intersected formation top depths in downloadable PDF format.
  • Regional seismic profiles – there are currently three regional profiles across important basins of the onshore UK, with more currently being compiled,and as with the 2D lines there are also downloadable JPEG images.

In addition to the Oil Exploration specific data other important features to note are: fully integrated selectable background imagery, extended search facilities with auto zoom and an A4 output map generator.

The UK Onshore Geophysical Library (UKOGL) was established in 1994 in conjunction with the Department of Trade and Industry now the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the UK Onshore Operators Group (UKOOG).

Lynx GIS Developers have harnessed the power of ERSI’s ArcGIS Server and developed UKOGL LIVE using the ArcGIS JavaScript API.

This is the first public release of an exciting set of planned development phases, with phase two currently in production at Lynx, which will provide even greater online functionality to the explorationist.

Take a look at the map today via:

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