Indonesia to launch Second 2010 Licensing Round

Indonesia is due to launch its second bid round for 2010 on 10th December. Submissions are due on 9th Februrary 2011 for direct proposal blocks, and 25th April 2011 for the regular tender blocks. See the MIGAS website for more details and the official announcement.

Lynx are specialists in data-room services, with the capacity to quickly work-up and turnaround bid round data and efficiently build exploration potential assessment GIS projects. We also offer a South-East Asia GIS Adviser, which provides a regional framework for evaluation and interpretation. Please contact us for more details.

Download the block boundaries for open blocks as an ESRI shapefile – please enter your details before clicking on the link.

SORRY! This Link has expired. Please see the Lynx Regional Adviser or the Lynx Blocks & Concessions map for details about the location of this bid round

See Downloads – Browser Compatibility.

Note: these block boundaries are not definitive, and are intended only as a guide. The blocks have been digitised by Lynx, and may differ in places (eg coastal regions) from those defined by the governing body.

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