Iraq – A New GIS-enabled Petroleum Systems Analysis

An Iraqi exploration bid round is to be opened late in 2011. Lynx Information Systems, in association with David Boote Consulting and IGI, is compiling an “interactive tool-kit” to provide a better understanding of the known petroleum systems in Iraq.

The tool-kit is designed to allow interpreters to build play fairway maps for regional synthesis, and make play and prospect risk assessments.

Geochemical analyses – 3D basin models – are to be run by IGI, using the Trinity modelling software.

The deliverables will include: a full suite of regional gross facies maps, source rock distribution and source rock maturity maps, regional cross-sections, field cross-sections. The tool-kit will also include a suite of ArcGIS plug-ins developed by Lynx for visualising seismic data and well-log data.

Contact us for more details on project content and progress.

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