Iraq – 4th Licensing Round

According to the press agencies, the 4th Licensing Round is now set for 25-26 January 2012 (as opposed to November 2011). Lynx has compiled shape-files of the blocks which can be downloaded below. Some 12 blocks are to be offered, essentially in the west of the country which is relatively unexplored. However, there have also been calls to the Oil Ministry from the parliamentary committee to delay the round until new legislation is passed.

SORRY! This Link has expired. Please see the Lynx Regional Adviser or the Lynx Blocks & Concessions map for details about the location of this bid round

Lynx, in association with David Boote Consulting, and Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (IGI) is preparing a new ArcGIS-enabled study and interactive tool-kit on the Petroleum Systems of Iraq. The tool-kit is designed to allow interpreters to build play fairway maps for regional synthesis, and make play and prospect risk assessments.

The deliverables will include: a full suite of regional gross facies maps and sections, source rock distribution and maturity maps (created using ZetaWare Trinity modelling software) linked together in a number of  petroleum systems/play fairway analysis modules supported by a Trinity model discribing the maturation history of the more significant source rocks. The tool-kit will also include a suite of ArcGIS plug-ins developed by Lynx for visualising seismic data and well-log data.

Full details and a downloadable prospectus are available here.

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