Egypt – EGPC 2011 Bid Round

The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) has recently launched a new 2011 Bid Round, with a closing date scheduled for January 30th, 2012.  The offered blocks are located in the Western Desert, Eastern Desert, Gulf of Suez and Sinai Peninsula.  See for the official announcement and further details.

Egypt EGPC 2011 Bid Round map

EGPC 2011 Bid Round

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Lynx has compiled a shapefile of the offered blocks, available here for download.
Please enter your name and email address to download the zipped shape file.

SORRY! This Link has expired. Please see the Lynx Regional Adviser or the Lynx Blocks & Concessions map for details about the location of this bid round

Lynx and Fairway Exploration Ltd have an established Exploration Adviser GIS and Evaluation Report with data for each of these areas, which has recently been updated for 2011.  See more information here.

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