Egypt – EGAS Bid Round Details

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum have announced a new EGAS bid round with 15 blocks on offer totalling over 55,000 sq km. Of the blocks 2 are located onshore and 13 are offshore. It is believed that within the next 8 years the Egyptian Petroleum industry will be focussed almost entirely on the exploration for natural gas, evidence for this can be seen in the offshore blocks on offer which are all focussing on natural gas located in the Mediteranean Sea.

EGAS 2012 Blocks Map

Location of EGAS 2012 Blocks

The bid round is scheduled to close at noon on 14th November 2012. More official information from

To download the block boundaries on offer as an ESRI shapefile,  please enter your details before clicking on the link.

Lynx-Egypt-EGAS-blocks-2012-V1.zipshapefile containing open block boundaries for Egyptian EGAS Bid Round 2012 (approx 5kb)

Note: these block boundaries are not definitive, and are intended only as a guide. The blocks have been digitised by Lynx, and may differ in places from those defined by the governing body.

Lynx Information Systems and its co-venturer Fairway Exploration sell a major, in-depth “GIS Exploration Adviser and Hydrocarbon Potential Report” for Egypt. This in-depth ArcGIS-enabled report and database (with supplementary onshore 2D seismic data) covers all the major producing and frontier basins, and has informed many IOCs in their new ventures exploration. Lynx have recently finished the 2012 Update for the Egypt GIS Exploration Adviser, for more information contact, or view the Egypt page on our website

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