Mexico Licensing Round

Mexico has begun the process of launching its first international bidding round – see This marks a historic opening of the petroleum exploration and production industry in Mexico to private investment since the country’s oil sector was nationalized in the 1930s.

Following an Initial Round Zero stage, which saw Pemex receive an allocation of 83% of discovered 2P reserves and 21% of known prospective resources, a second Round One stage gets underway in November 2014, with data-room access beginning in mid-January 2015 for those companies which satisfy the pre-qualification criteria associated with each of the designated bidding areas.

Round One involves a total of 169 blocks – 109 “Exploration” + 60 “Exploitation” blocks – with the addition of 10 contract areas which Pemex intends to bring into the Round One framework in order to seek farm-in partners.

See a preview of the blocks being offered in Mexico’s first international licensing round in our Interactive Licensing Round Map.

Lynx Interactive Bid Round Map

Mexico Round 1 blocks – Lynx Interactive Bid Round Map

This map will be updated as we learn more about Round One details. Please note that while care was taken in the preparation of the map, it is not authoritative and is included here for general reference purposes only.  Please refer to the CNH website as a definitive point of reference.

To help companies evaluating an entry into Mexico, Lynx is offering a Mexico GIS Dataset as an ArcGIS Desktop project, which provides a number of important G&G layers to set the framework for closer analysis of each of the open block areas.  The slideshow below gives a preview of some of the layers included in the project.

Lynx is also available to help companies with the task of with data integration and analogue-to-digital reconstruction (seismic and well log vectorization) work as might be encountered during this bid round.

Please contact us for further details

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