The Lynx Team will be attending The 2015 Appex Global Exhibition & Conference in London next week

Members of the Lynx Marketing & Sales Team will be attending the 2015 Appex Global Exhibition & Conference next week. If you’d like to arrange a meeting to discuss any aspects of our products & services during any one of those days, please contact us on 0208 780 2634 or

We’ll be able to present live demonstrations of all our GIS Exploration Advisers covering regions such as Algeria, Brazil, East Africa, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Libya, Madagascar, South East Asia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Venezuela, West Africa, Western Sahara, & Western Siberia. The Exploration Advisers are fully loaded with standard datasets including bathymetry, gravity, SRTM Elevation, satellite (Landsat) imagery, surface geology, well databases, SEG-Y seismic data, up-to-date concession boundaries, field maps, production information and oilfields databases.

Lynx are also available to help companies with the task of data integration and analogue-to-digital reconstruction (seismic and well log vectorization) work as might be required for all upcoming future bid rounds.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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