Exploit The Full Potential Of Your Paper Archives of Seismic Data!

Lynx Information Systems have over 25 years of experience handling seismic data from around the world. With our in-house vectorising teams strategically located in London and Houston, we can help you exploit the full potential of your paper archives of seismic data.

We also have unrivalled expertise in reconciling and reconstructing seismic locations from incomplete line intersection and/or coordinate information.

We are able to scan and vectorise hard-copy seismic sections and shotpoint basemaps, and convert them into SEG-Y and SEG-P1/UKOOA.

Once in digital format, your data can be conveniently loaded to interpretation workstations for detailed review, interpretation and analysis.

Please contact us on +44 (0)208 780 2634, or at lynx@lynxinfo.co.uk, to get a quote for vectorising your seismic data, or digitising your seismic basemaps.


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