Iran – lifting of sanctions brings new exploration opportunities

US and EU sanctions on Iran were lifted last weekend in accordance with the nuclear agreement announced in July 2015, paving the way for global energy companies to re-enter the country. While this will probably add to the downward pressure on oil prices in the short term, it also provides new opportunities for cost-effective exploration and enhanced production in an established petroleum province.

Iranian officials are expected to provide full details of the much-anticipated Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) during a London conference to be held over 22-24 February. Meanwhile, the National Iranian Oil Company has already set up a dedicated web portal with information on the initial contract areas slated for exploration and development. A total of 52 existing oil and gas fields are being marked for development projects, whilst locations for 18 blocks across the length and breadth of the country – including 4 in the Caspian Sea – have now been outlined for exploration bids as part of the IPC (see embedded map beneath).

Iran IPC exploration blocks - Lynx interactive licensing rounds map

Iran IPC exploration blocks – click to open the Lynx Interactive Licensing Rounds Map

IPC offshore blocks on offer:

IPC onshore blocks on offer:

  • Abadan, Khuzestan province
  • Dousti, Razavi Khorasan province
  • Kavir, Semnan province
  • Moghan, Ardabil province
  • Raz, North Khorasan province
  • Sarakhs, Razavi Khorasan province
  • Sistan, Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • Taybad, Razavi Khorasan province
  • Timab, Ilam province
  • Tudej, Fars province
  • Zahab, Kemanshah province

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