Lynx iXplor web viewer updates for seismic and wireline logs

The Lynx iXplor web viewers – iSeisview for 2D and 3D seismic data, and iLogview for wireline logs – provide a familiar, easy-to-use and secure viewing application for geophysical and geological data in any web browser.

The newly released versions of the iXplor web viewers contain a number of enhancements designed to improve data security and speed up deployment of new data services:

  • User authentication using Active Directory, or RDBMS with support for BCRYPT password encryption
  • Seismic and well location sources – Oracle Spatial, shapefile or KML
  • New one-to-many links from the basemap to items, allowing multiple reports, seismic processed versions or logging runs to be linked to a map feature

Read more about Lynx iXplor Virtual Data Rooms in this article on

Try a Lynx Virtual Data Room demo using this link: with username iXplor_VDR_demo and password lynxvdr

Contact us for more information on Lynx Virtual Data Rooms, or iXplor web viewer licensing options.


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