Madagascar Licensing Round 2018 – Lynx Adviser

The Madagascan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, represented by OMNIS has officially opened the Madagascar Licensing Round 2018 at Africa Oil Week in Cape Town. The round is open from 7 November 2018 with bids requiring submission by the 30 May 2019.

Lynx has developed the Madagascar GIS adviser with Fairway Exploration over many years of data collection, applying direct hands on experience and knowledge. This GIS and the accompanying basin reports are designed to provide companies with all the necessary information required to understand the petroleum systems and potential of the basins in Madagascar. The data behind this is presented in the GIS format enabling a spatial representation of the database for companies to screen, explore and operate.

Lynx’ database of well results and digital LAS wells are also accompanied by summary and dry hole analysis reports for wells, providing much needed information on the subsurface geology of all of the major basins. The wells database is extensive and covers, formation tops, geochemical and reservoir information. A stratigraphic framework has also been developed for each basin enabling a fantastic summary of the stratigraphy encountered onshore and offshore.

The adviser also shows worked up plays and leads in a database which can be used by the purchaser; there are currently over 200 lead polygons to get stuck into. These have been developed using all of the available data in the Adviser.

This product is not just for new entrants to Madagascar but also provides current or mature operators with in fills to data and knowledge gaps.

If you require more information or would like to request a demo presentation by ourselves at your location please contact us.

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