Lynx iXplor Web Viewers

The iXplor web viewers provide intuitive and secure web-based visualization for digital 2D seismic lines and 3D seismic surveys, digital wireline logs and high-resolution raster images of seismic sections and well logs. The viewers work in all modern browsers on desktop and mobile platforms, with no browser plugins required.

The iXplor Viewers provide a secure mechanism for viewing of confidential, sensitive and valuable digital data by preventing direct access to the digital source data – the end user will only ever see a set of small image tiles which are reassembled in the browser for viewing. As an additional measure, a repeating watermark for all imagery can also be added for all displays.

iSeisview Features

  • iSeisview works with industry-standard SEG-Y for 2D lines and 3D volumes
  • End-user can interactively choose display colors, vertical and horizontal scales and amplitude scales
  • 2D profile viewer shows a standard two-way time display of the seismic trace data
  • 3D survey viewer shows an inline and crossline profile in an interactive 3D wireframe viewer
  • Line, survey and well intersections are posted for each seismic profile
  • Horizon and fault picks and surfaces can be overlaid on the seismic display
  • C-Card Header display
  • Integration with the Lynx iXplor Geoviewer for standalone web mapping applications
  • Optional watermarking

iLogview Features

  • iLogview works with industry-standard LAS format
  • End-users can interactively turn individual curves on and off, set curve display colors and limits, depth units and vertical scale
  • Switch depth units between metres and feet
  • Formation tops and core photos for the borehole can be posted in the viewer alongside the curve display
  • Log header display
  • Integration with the Lynx iXplor Geoviewer for standalone web mapping applications
  • Optional watermarking

iRasview Features

  • iRasview works with images in PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PNG format; multi-page images can be automatically concatenated
  • Instant display of high-resolution images, with no scrolling lag
  • Optional watermarking

iXplor Viewer Technology

The iXplor Web Viewers can be deployed on a Tomcat Java application server running on Windows Server.

All the viewers require server-side configuration by an administrator to define the set (or sets) of digital source files which are available for viewing Each dataset includes a set of files on disk and an associated metadata table (in either a PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database, or as a shapefile or CSV files) including geospatial information (if available) for determining locations and intersections. The datasets may be updated dynamically via the admin GUI or REST interface.

The iXplor web viewers are available either as an integrated part of the Lynx iXplor CMS platform for national data archives, as server-side components for an existing E&P web mapping platform, or as part of a hosted Virtual Data Room from Lynx.

If you would like to know more about the Lynx iXplor Web Viewers, please ask us for more details.

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