Iraq 1st and 2nd Petroleum Licensing Rounds

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil launched its first Petroleum Licensing Round in June of 2008, tendering service contracts for eight areas: these include the gas fields Akkas and Mansuriya, and the oil giants Rumaila (North & South), West Qurna (Phase 1), Zubair, Kirkuk, Bai Hassan, and the Missan Group (Abu Ghirab, Fauqi, Buzurgan). This was followed in December by the launch of a second bid round entailing another 15 oil fields.

Iraq First Petroleum Licnesing Round Bid Areas

Lynx is already able to exploit a detailed knowledge-base of the country through an existing Iraq Exploration Adviser GIS, containing extensive well & seismic-derived datasets. Our service centres in London and Houston are equipped to handle the necessary digital conversion of available data-package material, offering fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

Please contact Lynx for details of our existing seismic and data-package services.

Download this map of the Iraq First Bid Round Areas as a PDF – enter your details and then click the link:

Iraq-Round1.pdf – map of Iraq First Bid Round Areas (2.5MB)

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