Egypt – 2009 – EGPC Bid Round and Ganope Bid Round

Egypt Bid Rounds 2009 Map of open blocks

2009 Egypt International Bid Round No. 1

  • The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum (EGPC) invites Petroleum Exploration Companies for the International 2009 Bid Round No. 1 to explore / exploit for Oil and Gas in Egypt under the Production Sharing Agreement. The International 2009 Bid Round No. 1 includes 8 Exploration Blocks in Gulf of Suez Sedimentary Basin as shown on the above map
  • GANOUB EL WADI PETROLEUM HOLDING COMPANY (Ganope) invites the qualified Petroleum Exploration Companies to participate in the INTERNATIONAL BID ROUND 2009 to explore/exploit for Gas and Crude Oil under the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) Egypt model 2009. The International 2009 Bid Round 1 includes 3 Exploration Blocks in South Gulf of Suez And South Eastern Desert as shown on the above map

Both bid rounds close on Sunday 1st November 2009 at 12pm (Cairo local time)

Download the block boundaries for open blocks as ESRI shapefiles – please enter your details before clicking on the link.

SORRY! This Link has expired. Please see the Lynx Regional Adviser or the Lynx Blocks & Concessions map for details about the location of this bid round

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For details of our Egypt GIS Adviser, see here

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