Indonesia – 2nd Petroleum Bidding Round 2009

Indonesia Second Bid Round 2009

The Directorate General of Oil and Gas (MIGAS) launched the Second Indonesia Petroleum Bidding Round of 2009 on 30 November 2009 for foreign and national companies to explore / exploit for Oil and Gas. 24 blocks were offered; 12 offered under a Regular Tender and 12 offered under a Direct Proposal Tender.
A further annoucement was made on 28th December 2009 withdrawing the Selar block from the bid round, which was one of the Direct Proposal blocks.

Direct Propsal Tender

  • Accessing Bid Document: 28-DEC-2009 until 9-FEB-2010
  • Clarification Forum: 4-JAN-2010 until 3-FEB-2010
  • Bid Submission Deadline: 10-FEB-2010 at 14:30

Regular Tender

  • Accessing Bid Document: 28-DEC-2009 until 23-APR-2010
  • Clarification Forum: 4-JAN-2010 until 16-APR-2010
  • Bid Submission Deadline: 26-APR-2010 at 14:30

The bid documents which correspond to 1 block can be purchased for the amount of Five Thousand US Dollars (US$ 5,000). Visit the official website for more info…

Please contact Lynx for details of our existing seismic and well log data, our data-room services and South East Asia GIS Adviser

Download the block boundaries as an ESRI shapefile:

SORRY! This Link has expired. Please see the Lynx Regional Adviser or the Lynx Blocks & Concessions map for details about the location of this bid round

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