Iraq – Petroleum Systems: An ArcGIS-enabled Study and Interactive Toolkit – beta copy available

Lynx’s multi-client study, carried out in association with David Boote Consulting and Integrated Geochemical Interpretation, is taking shape and a beta copy will be available for viewing in September. We are on target for December release, for use by explorationists studying the petroleum exploration opportunities in the Iraq 4th¬† Licensing Round.

David Boote has been refining the regional stratigraphic interpretation and generating the high-definition cross-sections, and also revising the palaeogeographic facies maps.

At Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (IGI), the geochemical database has been compiled and contains over 2,100 samples, 643 of these being from Iraq, the remainder from Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey. IGI is currently adding location data (lat/long) and lithostratigraphy where necessary.

The next stages on the geochemical side are to evaluate the source rocks in terms of hydrocarbon potential and maturity, to feed into the basin modelling, and to evaluate the oils in terms of their genetic families, source maturity and alteration.

The principal focus of the modelling study to date has been the creation of a robust set of depth horizons. Some 16 horizons are in the process of being compiled, dated from Silurian through to the present day and covering the whole of the Iraq study area. Depth control from a significant data base of drilled formations tops is implicit in these horizons, with appropriate consideration being given to an important series of published depth maps. Once compiled, these horizons will form the foundation of the 2.5-D burial history model and, coupled with regional maturity and temperature data will, for the first time, resolve the spatial and temporal variations in heat flow for Iraq, allowing a significant improvement in the prediction of the maturation history of all the key source rock intervals.

Lynx is working on the (x,y,z) structural grids in ArcGIS. These are essential to pass back to the basin modelers at IGI, to solve the heat-flow in space (x,y,z) and time.

Please  download a copy of the Technical Prospectus here or contact us at

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