Libya – Time to Rediscover the Sirt Petroleum Province

With events in Libya moving dramatically in the last few days, NOW is the time to rediscover the Sirt Petroleum Province and its massive exploration potential.

Lynx and David Boote have produced a multi-client report entitled: An ArcGIS-based study of the Sirt Petroleum Systems: An Encyclopedia and Interactive Tool-kit.

The study maps all the important petroleum systems in space and time, and analyses petroleum generation, migration, entrapment and late-stage alteration. It draws on an extensive database of exploration and field data (included in the package).

The workflow in the study identifies plays and prospects, and also goes into common risk segment (CRS) mapping.

Geoscientists can build on the reference data to evolve their own ideas – and use the ArcGIS product to database all other relevant corporate data as well.

A PDF slide-set describing the product is downloadable here, and more information is available in this PDF poster presentation, and on our website here.

With Libya set to re-establish itself as a premier oil producer (and exploration location) in North Africa, the time to react is NOW.

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