West Africa Aptian Salt Basin GIS Update

The Lynx/Fairway GIS Exploration Adviser for the West Africa Aptian Salt Basin has recently been updated with additional data and interpretations. Pre-salt plays within the basin have been further evaluated. Discoveries in the Kwanza Basin in Angola, notably the ones made by Cobalt and Maersk this year, have again shown the value of this report.

The project has good data coverage out to a water depth of 2000m and then variable coverage out to 3000m. The regional seismic dataset has been used to map the basement reflector and several other pre-salt horizons, and indications of string reflections in the pre-salt that represent the low velocity source rock intervals within pre-salt grabens.

Several paleogeography maps have been constructed, extending into deep water, and have been used to predict source and reservoir distribution – confirmed by the recent discoveries made by MAersk and Cobalt. Gravity data was also interpreted to give another view of regional structure in deep water.

The project is refined every year; one of the strengths of working in GIS is that this is straightforward. The project has increased considerably in size and detail over the years, and particular attention has been paid to the pre-salt.

More info here.

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