Lynx’s new Virtual Data Room Service

Lynx Information Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a new Virtual Data Room (VDR) service. This new VDR service is designed especially to showcase oil and gas exploration datasets,  for use in farm-outs, data sales and acquisition opportunities, and will provide secure access for authorised users to view the offered data from anywhere in the world through a web browser.

Each Lynx Virtual Data Room will be hosted from either London or Houston. Our experienced staff will QC and upload the seismic data, wireline log data, interpretations and reports into a virtual data room for remote access.

Lynx staff will liase with the issuing authority to grant end-user requests for access, subject to the necessary confidentialiy/non-disclosure agreements required for VDR access. Activity logs detailing  end-user access will be available to the issuing authority.

Authorised end-users can login to the VDR using any web browser. A map or list-based interface will display the following data types:

  • 2D seismic lines – interactive selection of display style, scale and amplitude, with overlaid horizon/fault interpretation, and intersecting lines/wells/3D surveys, displayed with Lynx iSeisview
  • 3D seismic – display inline and crossline profiles with an interactive selection of display style, scale and amplitude, with intersecting 2D lines/wells/other 3D surveys, displayed with Lynx iSeisview
  • Wireline logs – interactive composite log display, select vertical scale, turn individual curves on and off, show formation tops and depth-correlated core images, displayed with Lynx iLogview
  • Well reports, seismic processing reports etc, displayed as PDF documents

The SEG-Y and LAS digital source data will be protected from direct access by end-users.

Contact us to ask about Virtual Data Room pricing, and to learn more about how Lynx can help you showcase your exploration data.

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